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Window and Porch Shades (see our fit & style page to determine size)

Keep your home comfortable and beautiful by stopping harmful sunrays in their tracks. UV rays account for interior fading, raise the cost of cooling, and cause annoying glare. If you are looking for a solution to any or all of these problems then window shades are for you. To help you make your decision, please visit our measure your space page.


Roll Style Mesh Porch Shades—Our Best Seller!

For areas that require a high tensile strength and breathability, roll style mesh porch shades are for you. This product is perfect for the screen room that’s too sunny or just gets too dirty. They can be rolled up when they are not needed.  These shades when snapped down for the winter keep dust, rain and snow off of your screen porch and outdoor furniture. Made of 100% PVC coated woven polyester, this product is mildew and rot resistant, easy to clean, quick dry and available in a variety of colors. Because we hand-make them in our shop, they are always custom fit to order!


Roll Style Solid Acrylic Porch Shades

Roll style solid acrylic porch shades are constructed in the same fashion as Mesh Porch Shades except they are made with a solid, breathable fabric so that you can transform your porch into a foyer during the winter. This fabric is often referred to as canvas and is not affected by our cold climate.


Transparent Solar Shades

For varying levels of light and glare control (with clutch rollers) we carry and install mesh fabric or transparent solar shades by Durasol and Halcyon. This product is perfect for indoor applications. 




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Custom Tarps & Covers

 hand-made made for you

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