Professional Awning and Shade Fitting and Sizing

Backed by 47 years in the industry, Dave Long Protective Products knows what it takes to provide a perfect fit on all awnings and shades every single time. For a general estimate by phone, email, or fax, we invite you to follow the simple step-by-step instructions listed below.

If you choose to purchase an awning or window shade, a formal appointment can be arranged with our sales representative where he'll provide you with a written quote. Contact us to schedule your appointment or to submit your own information for a FREE estimate!

Your Awning Details

What is your style?
Whether you're interested in a commercial or residential awning, we offer a large variety of styles to choose from. Look through our awning options to determine which look works best for your needs and style.

Determine the size of the area
Regardless of your choice of awning style, you'll need to determine 3 things. Find out the width, the projection, and the drop of the area you want to protect. For casement windows, you'll also need to measure the windows at their full extension.

Helpful Tips
  • Awnings in north-south positions should be wider than the window casing.
  • Awnings in east-west positions need a greater projection.
  • Awnings wider than 10 feet usually require a center support.
  • For some awnings 24 feet or larger, we may recommend splitting the overall width and installing two separate awnings.
Fixed or Retractable?
Depending on your needs, you'll want to decide on either a fixed or retractable awning. Fixed awnings often work best for commercial spaces and retractable or removable awnings are often a better fit for residential properties. However, we've installed both styles in either venue. If you decide on a retractable awning, you should consider whether you'd prefer a manual system or one that is motorized.

Select your fabric type and color
Please visit our fabric overview page for guidance with making your initial fabric choices. You'll want to think about the type, color, and pattern that you'd like best. Once we move to the consulting phase, we can provide you with fabric swatches to help you make your final choices.

Choosing a valance
A valance is an accessory that provides extra protection from the elements and adds some flair to your awning. If you're interested in adding a valance to your custom awning, we typically use wave and straight styles. For Durasol retractable awnings, there are a variety of styles available.

Your Window and Porch Shade Details

What style and function do you need?
Window and porch shades can be used on your porch or on interior windows to control sunlight. They're available in a variety of styles from different manufacturers.

Determine the size of the area
Measure the height and length of the window or screen area you'd like to cover.

Select the fabric type and color
Head over to our fabric overview page for more guidance with making your initial choices of fabric type, color, and pattern. Once we move to the consulting phase, we can provide you with fabric swatches to help you make your final choice.
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